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Cine film transfer to DVD. Transferring your cine films since 1995. Seaford, Sussex and UK nationwide service.

We are 8mm and 16mm film documentary makers.

Cine film transfer to DVD. Unlike many of our competitors. Video Image Productions produce documentaries for ourselves and other video production companies. We are not just another company that provides a  film scanning service. We make documentary films. Using archive 8mm and 16mm film mixed with modern HD video footage.


Our transfer method.

Video Image Productions scan Super 8, Standard 8mm and 16mm cine film. Our custom built, Unique HD frame by frame LED light source. Which produces no heat to damage the film.With PIN recognition during film transport. Our 8mm and 16mm film scanning machines captures your precious memories via SDI Interface. Capture hard ware is state of the Art Black Magic Design Software is also Black Magic Design's Media Express. Cine is captured to our digital Apple or PC workstation computers. At full broadcast quality.

Cine film transfer options.

DVD, HD Digital video formats for video editing, Apple Pro Res, AVI, Blu Ray, MPEG-4. iMovie. H.264, Quicktime. For software packages such as Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas. And many other video editing platforms.

Storage options for your cine film or video.

USB Flash drive.

Hard drive.

Data DVD.

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