Ideas for Christmas presents 2016

ideas for Christmas presents 2016Ideas for Christmas presents 2016.



I know that its only October but its amazing how quickly Christmas comes round.

Why not give a present thats very personal.

Heres some Christmas present 2016 ideas.


  • Slides to DVD. Have all your family slides transferred to DVD or computer files.
  • slides to DVD
  • Cine film to DVD. If you have old 8mm or 16mm cine films we can transfer them to DVD or PC and Apple Mac video formats.
  • cine film to dvd
  • Reel to Reel tape to CD . Remember those old large reel to reel tapes if you have any let us convert them to the latest digital audio formats.


  • Video to DVD. Old VHS and Video 8, Hi8, S-VHS you name it we can transfer it to DVD or digital video formats.