MovieStuff telecine units.

American company Movie stuff seem to have changed there lineup of Movie stuff telecine units.

MovieStuff telecine

As in the advert above these machines give the user the ability to change the camera on the unit. The camera is mounted on a pillar system which slides down into place for scanning.

Wet gate telecine.

Much like the old Wet gate telecine machines. The Moviestuff telecine machine has a gate change facility.

Advantages of a gate change system.

The main advantage of a gate change system is that you only need one machine for the different film sizes. These film size options Include Super 8, Standard 8, 9.5, and 16mm.


The capture software for the Moviestuff telecine units is Windows only. It can be purchased through a separate company as a download for a cost of $199.95. The software captures the Image from the unit via USB cable.


Unlike machines like the Flashscan. The Moviestuff telecine unit cannot record sound film. Although you can run sound film through the machine.

Video formats.

Video files can be captured in. SD,720P and 1080P 16:9 with the black bars cropping the picture at the sides.


Because the unit captures through a computer. The software allows the user to chose between PAL and NTSC video formats.

Light source.

The light source is LED cool running.


According to the website Information. Setup is a simply a matter of loading the film. Connecting the USB cable to your computer and then letting the software do its stuff.


The Movie stuff telecine unit has a two motor design. With direct drive take up and rewind. Film is transported using roller system. Film pin registration is also employed for trouble free running of your old cine film transfer.

I have not personally used the new range of Moviestuff telecine units. They do however have an excellent reputation in the Industry and offer good value for money.