16mm sound film conversion to Pro Res

16mm sound film to Pro Res.

At present Video Image Productions are in the process of converting 16mm film to Apple Pro Res format for a Hovercraft Museum.


I took the picture at the Museum of this monster. This hovercraft used to run between Dover and Calais.

16mm sound film

Picture above showing the 16mm sound films to be converted to Apple Pro Res.

DVD face printing service

DVD face printing service.

DVD face printing


DVD face printing services. Email or send us your favourite photo and we will print it onto your Cine film, video tape transfer.

DVD duplication.Video Image Productions provide a DVD duplication service from 1 to 100 DVD copies.

DVD cases. We also sell Amaray DVD cases and DVD sleeves for all your DVD packaging needs.

DVD authoring. If you need a complete DVD (single or dual layered) mastered from scratch we also provide that service.

This service Includes adding music graphics and edited video footage mastered with a professional Interactive menu system.

For more Information follow the link below.

Cine Film Transfer to DVD & HD video , Seaford, East Sussex

Kodak Super 8 movie camera

Kodak Super 8 movie camera.

Kodak super 8 movie camera

Kodak has announced that it will be making a brand new super 8 movie camera.


It will incorporate a flip out LCD monitor.

The lens will be C-Mount. This will make the camera be able to accept interchangeable c mount lenses. This is a big thing to film makers.

It will have an audio record input.

The Kodak super 8 movie camera will use the same cartridge system of old.

Larger film gate almost 11 percent.

Estimated price will be between $2,500 to $3000 US dollars.


This price is very high for a super 8 camera. I would suggest that for this type of money you go the 16mm route.

8mm film lengths on reels

8mm film lengths on reels.

8mm film lengths


The original Super 8 and Standard 8 cine films which came in a plastic cassette and were 50ft long reels.

These films were then either left as 50ft reels or spliced into the following reel lengths for projection purposes.

50ft reel 3 Inch diameter reel.

200ft reel 5 inch diameter reel.

400ft reel 7 Inch diameter reel.


cine reel

Sometimes on the larger reels there is ruler marks on the side of the reel showing feet and another showing meters. This tends to be more common on the 400ft reels.

If you have any problems working out the length of your super 8 standard 8 and 16mm cine reels please contact us and we will do our best to help.

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