We are at present providing a pick up service for customers in Sussex.

All media must be left in a safe place ready for pickup by ourselves. We find that the best communication method about the pick up is by text.

cine film pickup service

Video tape to Pro Res conversion service for VHS. Mini DV, Video 8 Betacam video tape, Digital Betacam, and many more video tape formats.

We cover a large range of video tape formats. If you want your video tapes converted to digital video files or DVD we can provide that transfer service as well.

Video tape to Pro Res

Computer platforms.

At Video Image Productions we use Windows and Apple based platforms. for all our video and audio conversions as well as video editing.




We are at present we are converting 4 x 90 min Hi 8mm video tapes to Apple Pro Res video format.

These tapes are Interviews of the band The Prodigy from the early Nineties.


Mini DV tapes to USB memory sticks.

mini dv tape to USB memory stick

Video Image productions have recently transferred a large amount of Mini DV tapes to USB memory sticks for various customers.

One of the big questions we get asked is will it play back on my TV or computer?


The answer to to this question very much depends of the make and model of your Television and the operating system of your computer or tablet.

TVs Makes and models.

We recently transferred 20 Mini DVD tapes to MPEG 4 format. This seems to be the most generic codec for editing and playback purposes.

However the USB memory stick was formatted by us to EX FAT which appears to work with most TV models and computers MAC and PC.

Unfortunately the customers LG TV would only accept NT formatting. Therefore the USB stick had to be re formatted to NT.

USB Memory stick

USB Memory Sticks.

The make of USB memory stick we favour is Sandisk. Speed wise you really need USB 3 with at least 100 MBS.

Speed advantage.

Faster USB sticks allows the video to playback more smoothly as well as making transfer speeds of the files to computer faster.

Alternative video formats.

We can also supply other video formats.

Apple Pro Res.


Apple Pro Res and AVI are high quality video formats which are used predominantly for editing. Unfortunately these codecs does take up a lot of disc space. Therefore It is more advisable, especially if you have quite a few tapes to store this format on an external hard drive. Please note that we can buy a drive in or you can supply one yourself.

SD card transfer.

As Video Image Productions is also a video production company. We have the facilities to transfer and edit your 4k SD cards.

cloud transfer

Cloud transfer.

If you would prefer to receive your files directly to your computer we also provide a clod transfer service.









ssd hard drives

Lighting quick transfer speeds. 400 TO 500 MB/s transfer and read time drastically speeds up our editing and encoding times for your video and audio transfers.

Pricing. Although SSD drives are coming down in price they are still more expensive than the traditional spinning discs of old. We tend to favour the Samsung T5 external drives running on USB -C connections.

Speed boost . Where we have seen a the biggest speed boost is when using an SSD drive for the main boot drive containing the computers operating system. The start up time and speed of launching software programs such as Adobe Premier CC and Final Cut is staggering.

Audio tape conversion to digital.

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