DVD ripping to computer video files

DVD rippingDVD ripping to MAC or PC compter video formats.

Lets face it video on disc and tape is pretty much a thing of the past. Most video it now on the Internet or your desktop, tablet or phone.

If you have DVD’s of old show reels, home movies or whatever it may be Video Image Productions can help.

DVD ripping.

We can lift your video from DVD discs to play on iPhones, iPads, desktop computers or Youtube.

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16mm film transfer to AVI format

16mm film transfer.

16mm Film transfer

We are at present in the process of transferring a large amount of 16mm film to digital AVI format.

With reels ranging from 100ft to 1200ft the job will take up a large amount of hard disc space.


We have bought in an external 1 terabyte hard disc drive for storing the 16mm film transfer.

The 16mm film comes in 3 flavours.

  1. Sound.
  2.  Black and white.
  3. Colour.


The 16mm film transfer. Each frame is scanned in real real time to our PC work station. Capture is via Black Magic Design hard ware and software.


All film will be cleaned before scanning for ultimate picture clarity.

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NTSC Video transfer to PAL UK

NTSC Video transfer to PAL UK.


In the old days of VHS video tapes tapes they came in many different formats.

USA Japan and many far Eastern countries used NTSC.

NTSC TO PAL. The UK and many parts of Europe used PAL

France and Russia used SECAM.

Here at video Image Productions we can transfer all world video standards.

Video Formats.

Video to DVD.

Any PAL NTSC or SECAM Video tape can be converted to DVD or any video computer format.


Once the video has been converted it can be stored on USB memory stick, external hard drives or sent to your computer via a net based cloud service.



Digital video tape conversion to video formats

Digital video tape conversion.


digital video tape conversion

As you can see from the image above, there are three different tape formats for conversion to digital video files.

These are as follows.

Mini DV tape.

Video 8.


Video tape to USB Stick

In this instance we are copying the video tape formats to USB memory stick. But we can also convert video tape to Hard drive storage or DVD disc.

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