VHS video tape cassettes

VHS video tape.

VHS video tape

Back in the day of video tapes there was a few options for the domestic user.

These video tape formats Included the following.

Full size VHS camcorder

VHS Camcorders. These camcorders were very large due to the fact that they had to take full sized VHS tapes.

VHS-C tapes.


These VHS-C tapes were a compact version of the full sized VHS tapes. This made the camcorder much smaller. Runtimes for these tape was 30 minutes and 45 minutes with a long option but at reduced quality.

S-VHS. Was know as a high band video format. This was the same as VHS video tape in that it came in full size tape formats and a compact size know as S-VHS-C. The picture resolution was nearly double of VHS and was simliar in quality the Sony Hi 8 format.

Panasonic and JVC were the manufactures most know for the VHS formats. Making both camcorders and VCR video decks for VHS and S-VHS tape formats.

At Video Image Productions we provide a video tape to DVD and digital video formats service to a professional standard. W

Please note that we also provide a Video 8, Hi 8, DVCAM Beta SP, Digital Betacam tape transfer to digital service.


8mm home movies to PC

8mm home movies to PC.

8MM HOME MOVIES TO pc8mm home movies to PC.

If you have 8mm or 16mm cine films of family memories don’t let them decay.

Let Video Image Productions scan them, using our state of the art cine film scanners to computer video formats.

Cine film transfer our method.

Each frame of your 8mm home movie is scanned in real time 1080P quality to our work station PC or Apple Mac computers.

Light source is LED that is diffused for an even exposer across the 8mm or 16mm frame.


All 8mm and 16mm film is cleaned prior to scanning.


Once your home movies have been digitised this allows you to edit the film using your favourite video editing software.

If using PC then we recommend Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas. For Apple then iMovie or Final Cut Pro X.

8mm cine film and camera



For storing your 8mm home movies to PC files we recommend USB memory sticks or an external hard drive. You can buy these yourself or let us order them in for you.

Cloud Storage.

For video files up to 20 gig. We provide a cloud based transfer service. You will be sent a link via email where you can download your files.

For more Information please go to our contact page.

DVD ripping to computer video files

DVD rippingDVD ripping to MAC or PC compter video formats.

Lets face it video on disc and tape is pretty much a thing of the past. Most video it now on the Internet or your desktop, tablet or phone.

If you have DVD’s of old show reels, home movies or whatever it may be Video Image Productions can help.

DVD ripping.

We can lift your video from DVD discs to play on iPhones, iPads, desktop computers or Youtube.

For more information follow the link below.

Video editing services Sussex, Brighton,London, UK





16mm film transfer to AVI format

16mm film transfer.

16mm Film transfer

We are at present in the process of transferring a large amount of 16mm film to digital AVI format.

With reels ranging from 100ft to 1200ft the job will take up a large amount of hard disc space.


We have bought in an external 1 terabyte hard disc drive for storing the 16mm film transfer.

The 16mm film comes in 3 flavours.

  1. Sound.
  2.  Black and white.
  3. Colour.


The 16mm film transfer. Each frame is scanned in real real time to our PC work station. Capture is via Black Magic Design hard ware and software.


All film will be cleaned before scanning for ultimate picture clarity.

For more Information please visit our website. www.videoimageprod.co.uk



NTSC Video transfer to PAL UK

NTSC Video transfer to PAL UK.


In the old days of VHS video tapes tapes they came in many different formats.

USA Japan and many far Eastern countries used NTSC.

NTSC TO PAL. The UK and many parts of Europe used PAL

France and Russia used SECAM.

Here at video Image Productions we can transfer all world video standards.

Video Formats.

Video to DVD.

Any PAL NTSC or SECAM Video tape can be converted to DVD or any video computer format.


Once the video has been converted it can be stored on USB memory stick, external hard drives or sent to your computer via a net based cloud service.