Spectre. James bond film came out on the 27th of October.


When the producers of Spectre. Announced that they will be shooting the film on 35mm film. I for one was overjoyed.

Skyfall. I remember seeing it at the cinema and thinking something is not right here. All the blacks where muddy and the highlights. Well there did not appear to be any highlights.

Blu Ray.

Once the DVD and Blu Ray where available. I decided to go with Blu Ray for the 1080p 24P cinema experience at home.

My Home cinema setup.

I feel its necessary to explain that I own a fairly high end AV system. In fact the TV is a top of the range Panasonic, my AV amp is a high end Yamaha. The Blu Ray player is Denon and Definitive Technology speakers. Although this is not the pinnacle of AV systems, it is good.

Skyfall. To me the film looked just as washed out on my system as it did in the cinema.

Digital. In my opinion, this is because Skyfall was shot on digital ARRI Alexa Studio cameras.

As I mentioned before Spectre was shot on 35mm film.

My Local Cinema. The problem is that my local cinema project movies with a 2K projector. Spectre does look better than Skyfall because it was originally shot on film. But the digital projector has not got the tonal or colour range to do the film justice.


I would be very interested to see how Spectre looks at an IMAX cinema. The technology of IMAX projectors is cutting edge as is the laser sound. According to there website. The dual projected Image has 60% more brightness. 40 % more contrast than standard movie theatres. If any one has seen Spectre at an IMAX cinema. Please feel free to comment on the IMAX version of Spectre.