KODAK Cinema Tools App.

Kodak have produced an app called Kodak cinema tools app for the iPhone and Android market that helps you calculate Depth of field.

Kodak cinema tools App


Some of the features for this Kodak cinema Tools App Include.

How to read a film label

Other aspects of this App from Kodak include an Interactive video explaining film labels and what the numbers mean on Kodak cine film.

Kodak film Products

A list of the currently available Film from Kodak such as Kodak Vision 500T. and sample footage of the film.

In camera 

Online articles discussing filmmakers using Kodak film.


Excellant list of the film terms that any budding filmmaker should know.

Lab and transfer house

Type in your location and the App will find the nearest lab for Kodak film processing.

Online Contact.


Fill out the online form about your filming details and Kodak will contact you to see how they can help.

Film calculator.

Type in your film size say 35mm Film length and then frame rate and the App will calculate the runtime.

Other features

Depth of field.

Sun calculator

Film products.

Guides and references.

How to read a film can.

In Camera.

I have personally used this App and found some of the features very helpful when shooting Kodak cine film. Especially the Sun Calculator which uses the GPS of your phone to calculate the sunrise and sunset for your filming location.

Please note that this App is free and can be downloaded from iTunes or the Kodak website.


For more information follow this link Kodak Cinema Tools App.