8mm film lengths on reels.

8mm film lengths


The original Super 8 and Standard 8 cine films which came in a plastic cassette and were 50ft long reels.

These films were then either left as 50ft reels or spliced into the following reel lengths for projection purposes.

50ft reel 3 Inch diameter reel.

200ft reel 5 inch diameter reel.

400ft reel 7 Inch diameter reel.

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cine reel

Sometimes on the larger reels there is ruler marks on the side of the reel showing feet and another showing meters. This tends to be more common on the 400ft reels.

If you have any problems working out the length of your super 8 standard 8 and 16mm cine reels please contact us and we will do our best to help.

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Cine film transfer to digital.

We are currently transferring a large amount of 8mm and 16mm cine film transfer digital.

cine film to digital

Once the cine film to digital transfer is complete the video files will be sent to the production company for editing into a documentary alongside HD video that they are producing. Using Adobe premier on the Mac platform.

All the cine film transfer to digital are captured using HDMI inputs on our Black Magic Design hardware. This ensures the highest quality conversions of 16mm and 8mm cine film to digital.

All cine conversions will be checked for colour balance and broadcast safe colours.

Because the final content will be used for a TV broadcast The output cine film to digital files will be at 50 Mb per second in accordance to broadcast guidelines for High Definition.

Hard Drive.

Our cine film transfer digital files will be kept on our servers for 6 months as a safety back up in case  the hard drive supplied to the client or supplied by us fails.

PC or Apple Mac

As well as transferring 8mm and 16mm cine film to HD video files for the Apple Mac platform, we also provide a cine film to digital video file service for the PC Windows based computer platform in the form of AVI or Mpeg4 video files.

File sizes for video editing.

For a standard definition scan of your cine film the average file size in AVI or Quicktime is 900 MB for 50ft of cine film.

High Definition scans vary in files sizes depending on the type of file used.

For the ultimate in hard drive speed and storage we recommend CalDigit drives and enclosures.

For more information about our cine film to digital service click on the link below.