Video editing

Video editing Sussex, for all video formats

Video Editing  Sussex, for all video formats.


video editing Sussex

The picture above shows FCP X Optimising the video clips for the final project.

Last week a customer bought in video files from various video camera formats.

Video editing  Sussex. The film.

The subject of the video was a day out that he had bought for his 91 year old father to fly in a Spitfire from Biggin Hill to Dover and back.

Video formats.

The in cockpit video footage came from 2 Go Pro cameras. One was mounted forward of the aircraft and the other back into the cockpit to film his father.

Video taken on the ground was HDV tape and an old JVC HDD video camcorder.

HDV video tape digitising.

The HDV video was captured via our HDV deck into Final Cut Pro 7. Settings used to capture the footage were HDV Apple Intermediate and the timeline was set to Apple pro Res 422.

Go Pro video footage was taken into FCP X via an SD card reader at Apple Pro Res settings.

The JVC footage was captured via our Black Magic Design HDMI device again in Apple Pro Res 422.


The main task for editing was to cut between the 2 Go Pro cameras in the cockpit of the plane. Making sure that the video footage between the cameras was in perfect synchronisation was a challenge. Using land marks on the trip between Biggin Hill and Dover made the job easier.

Music was adding to the video at the start and end, along with titles and any necessary colour correction to match the looks of the various cameras used to film the day.

The Final video was burnt to DVD and 10 copies of the DVD Including printing and DVD library cases.

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DVD ripping to computer video files

DVD rippingDVD ripping to MAC or PC compter video formats.

Lets face it video on disc and tape is pretty much a thing of the past. Most video it now on the Internet or your desktop, tablet or phone.

If you have DVD’s of old show reels, home movies or whatever it may be Video Image Productions can help.

DVD ripping.

We can lift your video from DVD discs to play on iPhones, iPads, desktop computers or Youtube.

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Colour correcting cine film

Colour correcting cine film.

Colour correcting cine film

Picture above showing colour correction. The window on the left shows the picture before colour correction.

Colour correcting cine film.

We are at present in the process of scanning 16mm film to digital files. The customer is Eastbourne Borough Council.

Heritage Eastbourne  Have supplied us with around 8 x 16mm cine films for conversion to DVD and digital files.

The 16mm film has an optical sound track. This looks like a clear strip down one side of the 16mm, with wavy black lines on the track.

Our 16mm scanning method.

The 16mm film is scanned vis LED light and captured via an HD camera housed into the scanner. The digital output is transferred to our Apple Mac editing computer via HDMI connection. This method of scanning cine film produces no flicker. Also due to the nature of the diffused LED light source. There are no hot spots in the scanned video file.

Capture rate.

The capture rate from the HDMI input is a broadcast specification 50 mega bytes per second.

Post capture.

The video file is then imported into Final Cut Pro 10 and placed on the timeline.

Colour correcting cine film.

The colour correcting of the cine film involves adjusting the Highlights. Colour channels and exposure of the film. This process is fairly time consuming. It requires a good eye for keeping the balance the same throughout the film.

Magenta. (Red)

When Colour correcting cine film magenta tends to be the predominant colour to correct. This is due to cine film ageing and seems to be present in 16mm. 8mm film suffers more from a Cyan or Magenta cast than just Magenta.

colour grading

The picture Above. Shows how I have removed the magenta cast to the film using the colour Board in Final Cut Pro 10.

Link to Eastbourne Museums.



Memory cards for video camcorders 4K

Memory cards for video.

memory cards for video


Memory cards for video.

Which memory cards for which camcorders or cameras?

The choice of the correct memory cards for video shooting and transferring data can be difficult. 

4K Panasonic HC-X1000. Panasonic have in my opinion pulled off a fantastic feat with the HC-X1000. To provide a 4K video camcorder that can shoot at 4K 50P 150 Megabytes per second onto SD cards is a true technical feat.

sd memory card

SD card needed to shoot 4K at this quality.

The only downside to all this quality is that you will need an SD card. with the following specifications.

Class 10 at least  of 95 Megabits per second. such as the ScanDisk Extreme Pro.

SD memory cards for HD video shooting. (1080P).

100 Mbps or more. UHS Speed Class3.

50 Mbps UHS Speed Class 1 or More. Class 10 or more.

AVCHD. Class 4 or more.

Sony professional camcorders.

Sony cameras have premodatalty used SXS memory cards for there broadcast video cameras. These cards are far more expensive than SD media.

Black Magic Design.

This company tends to use removable SSD hard drives to store video in Raw. Or apple Pro Res formats.

Canon video camcorders.

Canon Camcorders such as the Canon X100 use Compact flash memory cards. The Canon c300 Mk11 uses CFast 2.0™.

Future of digital storage.

It is difficult to predict which solid state format will be next for video. The one thing that is always guaranteed is that it will store more data and be faster than previous versions.